Below are descriptions of datasets available from our recent publications. Raw and processed data is available in BAM, VCF, and PLINK format. In order to obtain access, please contact us by email with your name and contact information.

In review

O’Beirne et al. Exome Sequencing-based Identification of Novel Type 2 Diabetes Risk Allele Loci. Data access pending publication for 864 samples.


Rodriguez-Flores et al. (Genome Research). Indigenous Arabians are descendants of the earliest split from ancient Eurasian populations.  Data available for 1376 samples.

Fakhro et al. The Qatari Reference Genome: A Population-Specific Tool for Precision Medicine in the Middle East. (Nature Human Genome Variation).  Data available for 108 sequenced genomes.


Rodriguez-Flores et al. (Human Mutation). Exome Sequencing Identifies Potential Risk Variants for Mendelian Disorders at High Prevalence in Qatar.  Data available for 100 sequenced exomes.